Staying in and Exploring Burgundy

by Sri nivas ayyar

The Burgundy region (or Bourgogne in French) lies on an ancient trade crossroads. The culture of Burgundy, then, owes its richness to both its exposure its French roots and to foreign inspiration. Visitors who are drawn to Burgundy for its Gallic tradition are often pleasantly surprised at all the different influences they see here. They often find that holiday rentals in Burgundy, rather than hotel rooms, are the best way to do justice to a cultural tradition of such depth.

The Attractions

Burgundy is legendary among wine and food connoisseurs for its contributions to the world of gastronomy. The delights of this tradition need to be experienced as part of the provincial lifestyle that you find in these parts. How does one achieve this?

To experienced visitors to the region, this is best done renting holiday properties in Burgundy to stay in. To wake up in your own home in provincial France, to know that you can take your bicycle out, and the idyllic beauty of all of Burgundy is yours to breathe in – this is how you experience the region.

The rolling countryside, the Roman churches and the ancient French chateaus that you could step into on a whim, the stunningly beautiful monastic architecture everywhere, the palaces in the picturesque French towns of Dijon and Chablis close by – they simply put you in the right frame of mind. Burgundy demands to be experienced with all of the senses – the museums, the wineries and village restaurants, the gardens, the local music, the simple activities such as bicycling, fishing and canoeing along the beautiful waterways. Burgundy can delight.

Travel Information

The region is best around summer when the temperatures are mild. Since Burgundy is only an hour and a half away from Paris by TGV, holiday property rentals in Burgundy can help you make the region a great base to explore Paris or farther afield.


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